Initial Project

The first autonomous and uninterrupted pesticide spraying operation for large lands...

The First 100% autonomous spraying operation in rural areas...

  • Autonomous Pesticide Supply
  • Autonomous Fuel Supply
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Why you choose
Psyche Agras

Precision Agronomy

Precision Agriculture is an agricultural management system based on the spatial and temporal variation of the productive unit and aims to increase the economic return.

Zero Trampling

With our spraying, the producer's planting does not have the soil compacted and yields up to 6% more than spraying with a tractor

24/7 uninterrupted operation

Psyche Agras operation is uninterrupted and 100% autonomous, meaning it works 24 hours a day under the right conditions

Zero Headaches

Psyche takes full responsibility for spraying the farm and we handle all the issues for you!

Biggest Producing Cities


Hectare in the Top 10


Annual Market in the Top 10 (US $)


Autonomous Flights



Autonomous supply

Big Data

Data Science

Deep Learning

Neural Network


Psyche Strategy and
Project Plan



Time when the analysis was carried out market opportunity and solution technological

Nov 22

team selection

The selection of an experienced and technical team to develop the technology in the shortest possible time

DeC 22

Approval at PqTec

Approval at the São José dos Campos Technology Park (Largest innovation hub in the country), considered in 2021/2022 by UBI Global as the TOP 5 best incubators in the world.

FeB 23


First Fundraising

OCT 23

Pilot Operation

Prototype demonstration and pilot operation of Psyche Agras

Until Feb 24

ANAC certification

Aim to receive CAVE certification (Experimental Certification)

MarCH 24


Launch of Operation 100% Functional Psyche Agras

Frequently Asked Questions

The Psyche Agras operation is a service that is customized for each client and operated by our technical team.

The Psyche Agras operation will be sold with insurance so that you have the greatest security.

Our goal is to spray large areas of grain in Brazil, 5,000 hectares per day. It is a 100% autonomous operation, whether using drones, refueling or pesticides.

All the intelligence of the service: Property reports, spraying efficiency data, spraying the entire area, more than 10 types of geoprocessed maps...

Our competitive differential is: lower price, up to 20x less time, 6% increase in revenue

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