Who We Are

Psyche Aerospace was born with the vision of transforming the 100% autonomous world in the aerospace sector with applications in several sectors. 

In any industry you can look at, there are ways to do the same task/activity more efficiently, profitably and safely. 

When you get to this point, you are innovating in a business model, and it was from this point of view that our CEO Gabriel Leal had the idea of looking a little deeper into sectors that used aerospace technology, from which he was able to see a opportunity in the Brazilian agricultural sector! 

Large grain producing lands in Brazil do not spray with drones, and why? 

Well, the answer is simple: Because drones have little load capacity, autonomy, human operator! But this is simple to solve! We can take the operator out and leave him as supervisor of an operation with a fleet of autonomous drones, autonomous refueling, and uninterrupted.


What are we planning?

Our first ambition as a project is to be able to revolutionize how the large grain producing farms in Brazil do their spraying!

We believe in efficiency, security, increased profitability, reduced costs and a high level of innovation.

Psyche Agras will be able to spray 5,000 hectares in up to 24 hours.